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Glide Rental Specific Paddleboards

Glide rental specific paddleboards have been the leading brand on the market for over 8 years. We’ve developed shapes and construction to not only maximize board longevity, but also enhance user experience. Utilizing our Glide Surface Shield (GSS), we’ve created a board to take the abuse of haphazard renters. We have rental boards still in use over 5 years old, while still maintaining the aesthetic of a newer board. The design incorporates a flat bottom and lessened rocker, with a wide stance to ensure your patrons have a successful and enjoyable experience.

Ken Driscoll
owner of Glide SUP and Glide FIT


"Michael's writing has been a key voice for Glide during the last 6 years. His knowledge of the outdoor industry and keen sense of creativity allows him to write engaging and useful content in our catalogs, blogs and websites alike." Ken Driscoll

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