It Sure is Somethin’


Side effects may include but are not limited to: Dizziness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, sweating, nausea, lack of sleep, poor concentration, erectile function, redness, fainting and in rare Romeo and Juliet cases. Death.

Now why is it that we long for the catalyst of these side effects more than any other human emotion? An emotion so powerful it brings out the best and the worst in man.  It’s brought cultures together and torn countries apart in equal measure. Even heinous acts of incivility can be justified if done in its name.  Yet it remains one of the most difficult phrases for a human to say to one another. I love you. Is it simply that hard earned or are we just afraid to give it away?

Before love:

From the moment your mother first holds you in her arms you feel true love, a mother’s love. And if you’re lucky enough, the love from your family feeds the souls appetite for adoration. But with the passing of time and maturation you start to look elsewhere, for a love built from nothing more than a feeling. Movies, music and others around you seem to sensationalize true love and it becomes a longing for a fairytale relationship. So, we search, desperately to find a mutual feeling of passion to share with another human being.

During love:

Everyone should have the right to feel completely absorbed in awestruck puppy love. It’s a feeling like none other. The mind is incapable of thoughts that stray from the apple of your eye. Even in sleep you can’t stop dreaming of a future spent along side this person. You become more selfless and do things you never would have otherwise. Trading bacon for tofu or watching the Notebook instead of a football game. And you’re happy with it, giving part of yourself away means you have room to let someone else in. This is not a time to take for granted, relish the opportunity to feel how powerful love can be.

After love:

Unfortunately, the best way to appreciate loves’ wildest highs is to have it stripped away. Only then can you appreciate its grandeur with full perspective. My grandfather passed away recently and at his funeral I was reminded at how enduring my grandparents love for each other was. For over 65 years they remained faithful to each other, even in the roughest of circumstances.  Every night before bed, my grandmother would rub my grandfathers back and fix him a bowl of ice cream, this is what true love looks like to me.

                I haven’t figured out why love’s existence is a basic human necessity, but it sure seems to be. One thing I do know, is that it always comes back around. Maybe not tomorrow or even this year. But if you put it out there, it will find you once again. So, take the time, look someone in the eyes and tell them you love them. Even if you don’t hear the words back immediately, that love is out there waiting to catch up with you.

Love, Michael Bryant

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